Overwhelmed and underprepared, students often fall behind in their classes. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, one-third of all students will fail a class at some point in their academic career.

Even with the best intentions and study habits, unexpected challenges arise that can make it difficult to pass a class. In response to this challenge, you might think that helping classmates pass the semester is not possible. However, as an active student yourself, there are many ways you can help others succeed and stay on track.

Here are three ways you can help your fellow classmates pass the semester.

Build a Study Group

There are many ways to study, and not all of them are ideal for every person. Creating a study group can help you discover an effective study method that works best for you and your classmates.

For example, you can choose to study at a specified time. Or you might prefer to study in a different location. You and your group members can choose a place to study that is free from distractions. You also can choose a study method that fits your learning style.

Offer Encouragement

Students often feel pressure to perform well academically. This pressure is often self-inflicted and unnecessary. You can help a classmate who is overly stressed by offering encouragement.

One way to offer encouragement is to let a classmate know that you believe in them. Let them know that you believe in them passing the class. If they are having trouble grasping the material, you can help them brainstorm ways they can succeed. Or, to give them better ideas, you can share the best essay writing service with them.

Participate in Class

Another way you can help your classmates pass the semester is to participate in class. You can actively participate in class by raising your hand to answer questions, volunteering to lead group discussions, or helping other students understand the material.

When you participate in class, the professor will know you care about the subject and want to learn more. This can help you receive a good grade on your upcoming assignments.