K-State Sensory Analysis Center Explores Effects of Aphrodisiacs on Senses

As many of Kansas State University students wonder how aphrodisiacs can stimulate sexual desires, the Sensory Analysis Center of the institution conducted research studies on the effects of food on sense of taste and smell as precursor to increased sexual desires.

In general, as it was in ancient times, people believe aphrodisiacs have the power to unleash an appetite for sexual gratification. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration maintains that there is lack of scientific proof pertaining to certain food as having aphrodisiac qualities. Even so, the lack does not pose as barrier.

K-State University professor of Sensory Analysis and Consumer Behavior, contends that taste contributes greatly to psychological beliefs in aphrodisiacs. Mainly because certain foods contain substances that stimulate the release of hormones affecting the pleasure points of the brain. When someone thinks of those food that give them gratification, the mere thought of those food is likely to induce pleasuàble feelings.

Taste and smell are after all the driving factors that lead to beliefs that certain substances work as aphrodisiacs. Professor Chambers explained that the body releases chemicals, like serotonin and endorphins when food regarded as pleasurable is being consumed and processed.

Strong Beliefs that Oysters are Potent Aphrodisiacs

Oyster, despite its unappealing look compared to other popular aphrodisiacs, is widely believed as one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. The belief stems as far back as ancient times when cults on mythological gods and goddesses existed. In fact, the word aphrodisiac was coined after Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and desire, and at the same time goddess of the sea.

According to ancient cult beliefs, Aphrodite had the power to bless marriages with fertility by enhancing a man’s virility and by awakening sexual desires among virgin women. The belief that oysters have such powers is not at all unfounded since food scientists have established that they contain high levels of zinc. Zinc on the other hand is an important contributor to increasing male sperm count, which therefore enhances a man’s virility and ability to produce offsprings.

Aphrodisiacs Beyond Food

Aphrodisiacs can go beyond food, as the human olfactory system has links to the brain that can create responses by way of smells. Scents and aromas trigger pleasurable memories that can affect the mood of a person in a specific situation.

Not a few college student share the belief that alcohol can also stir sexual cravings. Although alcohol’s reputation as aphrodisiacs is mainly a result of advertising, alcohol is actually effective in lowering sexual inhibitions, which permits the flow of feelings for sexual desires.

Actually, Professor Chambers remarked that the mere thought that one is consuming an aphrodisiac already creates a psychological boost that stirs up sexual desire. As one K-State microbiology sophomore stated,

”Usually, I need to have evidence that something works before I try it.” “But with aphrodisiacs, it’s more fun to believe what you hear.”

That statement probably explains why there is a continuing quest for knowledge about aphrodisiacs and how they occur in food and other substances. One such domain that provides extensive information about aphrodisiacs is www.myaphrodisiacs.com.

Understanding the Significance of Potassium Intakes in One’s Daily Diet

More often than not, students pay attention to the food they eat or do not eat, whenever their body starts showing serious signs of a health disorder. Feelings of unexplained fatigue, digestive problems such as constipation and bloating, heart palpitation, muscle spasms, stiffness and cramps, tingling and numbing sensations, breathing difficulties and mood changes, are some examples of symptoms related to mineral deficiency.

If you are to consult with a physician, the first area of concern will be your food intakes. In knowing the regular food you take in as daily subsistence, the physician will have an inkling of the minerals you either lack or have in excessive quantities in your body.

However, most students nowadays, tend to determine disorders connected to any discomfort or unusual bodily responses by researching medical information in the World Wide Web. They then make a self diagnosis of their conditions, without knowing the root cause of the symptoms.

Importance of Understanding the Indications of Potassium Related Symptoms

Potassium is one of the lesser known minerals that the body requires in order to function properly. Although, the symptoms mentioned above are all indications of potassium deficiency, low potassium intakes rarely result to a health disorder on its own.

Potassium deficiency may result when linked with an illness that causes the body to lose excessive amounts of potassium already present in the body. Chronic diarrhea, chronic vomiting and dehydration are the most common health disorders that can cause potassium deficiency.

On the other hand, an overabundance of potassium in one’s system is more likely caused by taking in too much potassium by way of over-the-counter food supplements. This is one reason why it is important to first consult with a physician instead of self-medicating, or before taking food supplements to address deficiency symptoms.

Nonetheless, an ounce of prevention is still the best action to take if your purpose for self medication is to keep the doctor and the healthcare costs away.

What Makes Potassium Important In One’s Daily Diet

Once dissolved by water inside the body, potassium acts as an electrolyte that carries positive ion charges. On the other hand, the mineral that acts as an electrolyte with negative ion charges is sodium.

When positive and negative ions interact, it is important that there is balance between the two, to ensure that the body has sufficient electricity to carry out other bodily functions. Examples of which include: maintaining fluid balance, delivering nerve signals and activating proper muscle contractions.

Since sodium is more common as part of daily intakes, the body’s fluid produces more negatively-charged electrolytes. Still, the body stores 98% of potassium intakes in cells, ensuring that an abundant supply of the mineral is present in the body. At the least, muscle cells store 80%, bone cells receive 20%, while blood cells and the liver get as much as 6%. Once the body needs positive electrolytes, the body part, through its sufficient supply of potassium stored in its cells, can provide such requirement.

Including potassium-rich food therefore will help restore the potassium supply used up by the body. Most fruits and vegetables contain potassium, but those ascertained as potassium-rich include pinto beans, beet greens, white potato, spinach, kale, peas, avocado, banana, portobello mushroom, sweet potato, yam and salmon.

Suggestion to Student Food Bloggers: When offering information about food nutrients, it would be best to have your blog post reviewed by an online paper editor. That way, those who rely on the Internet as source of helpful food and health related information will be provided with credible guidelines.

What’s the Smell of Your Dorm Room?

When staying in a college dorm, one of the foremost reasons why young people miss their home is the smell of their dorm room. A dorm room may smell bland, as if lacking in life or vigor. Yet a smell lacking in characteristic is better than a dorm room that smells musty. If such is the case, it means there is dampness somewhere, and that the room needs a hefty dose of natural air and sunlight.

The worst kind of smell is the malodorous type, which is common in rooms occupied by students not too keen on airing and washing their beddings, or in regularly taking out trash, whilst letting leftover food rot in the trash bin; or by those that keep soiled or sweaty garments piled for days or weeks. Students living in such conditions think it is cool not to have somebody nagging them to clean their room. That is why even if a roommate keeps things neat, clean and orderly, a room still retains an unpleasant smell.

Quality of Odour in an Environment Can Affect a Person’s Mood

Not many are aware that smell or scents have a direct effect on a person’s mood, which in turn brings out a corresponding emotion. Countless research studies have proven that the human olfactory system is connected to brain neurons. The neurons process the smell and then trigger memories related to the odour. If a person smells something flavourful and aromatic, this can trigger memories of home cooked meals or of a special dinner date.

If so, a change in mood is likely to transpire, producing emotions based on the memory triggered by the smell. It can bring feelings of homesickness, or excitement over plans of going home for the weekend; or over the prospect of going out on another dinner date with the same person. Some smell though may trigger fleeting memories not strong enough to totally alter one’s mood.

Yet if a smell is pervasive, like those that stay inside an unkempt dorm room, one must take action before cranky moods and negative emotions get the better of the dwellers staying inside the room.

Get Rid of Bad Odours or Get Out of the Room for Good

In a dirty environment, bad odour is only the beginning of other unpleasant things to come. Insects such as bed bugs and roaches, as well as rodents, will eventually be attracted to the bad smell. Molds and mildew in damp areas will spread and bring allergens that cause sneezing, air passage congestion or scaly skin. In other words, if things get really worse, and the neat roommate can no longer stand the stink, it would be better to look for another dorm.

Yet if the pervasiveness of the unpleasant smell is not as serious, one of the most recommended substances to use as deodorizer is baking soda. Fill some shallow bowls with baking soda and place them in areas where the odours are strongest. It will take awhile before the odour is absorbed but letting the soda-filled bowls stay uncovered in a room for days will eventually work in removing the unpleasant smell.

Once the bad odour is gone, fill the room with fresh scents, by using organically scented cleaning materials, detergents, candles, or even scent diffusers, like those offered online by grain & gram.

Buying Online Whilst Using Discount Codes to Curb Monthly Spend

Most students often experience falling short of their monthly allowance. More often than not, they borrow money, which does not really get them off the hook. Borrowing only means, money allocated for next month’s spending, has been used in advance. If this is something you have been experiencing, take care that it does not become a cycle.

Rather than keep up with the struggle, wisen up by closely examining your spending habits. Nowadays, the in thing to do, is to buy articles that you can resell or trade-in for later. That way, you will avoid accumulating unnecessary belongings and other what-have-yous in your room.

Do Nearly All Your Buying and Shopping Online

Shop online since the prices tend to be cheaper than those offered by brick-and-mortar stores; not unless the item you are looking for is up for huge discounts. However, even if you rush to get to the store before somebody else grabs the best deal, you may end up buying things you really do not need.

The quickest way to locating online stores that offer great price reductions, is by checking them out at websites dedicated to furnishing information about voucher codes, promo codes, or discount codes. What is awesome about this online discount sites is that they offer a wide selection of stores from where you can buy an assortment of items at greatly reduced prices.

You can find info on which pizza outlets such as Domino’s, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut is offering discounts by as much 20% to 25%. Although student discounts are also available, the price reductions are minimal, usually 10% to 15% off. Still, a discount is still money that you can skim off your normal spend.

Don’t Forget to Use the Discount Codes or Coupons

Now if you are looking for online stores that offer price reductions on a wide selection of merchandise, you can find online shops like Amazon, Debenhams, Laura Ashley or Pretty Little Things, offering promo codes or discount coupons that you can get from online discount websites. Let us say you found what you need at the Laura Ashley Online Store, all you have to do is to type in the numbers of the Laura Ashley Discount Codes in the promol box before finalising your payment.

The real trick to optimising your budget is to save and keep the money discounted, instead of keeping it on hand as extra money to spend. Use the saved discount money to pay-off debts, or as your emergency fund. After which, you can save them as money to spend on your next spring break vacation.