Why You Need to Do Facebook B2B Marketing

“Facebook B2B marketing is worth the time and effort,” more and more people are saying.

But is it really?

It’s common to have doubts about it. The network itself is so much about personal socialization that B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing seems more natural than B2B (business-to-business) marketing on it. After all, most of its users are consumers, not businesses!.

In today’s article, I’ll show you why you should be doing Facebook B2B marketing yourself.

Reasons Why Facebook B2B Marketing Matters

The simplest answer here is because it can round out your marketing strategy. The best digital marketers use more than one platform for a reason. Each has strengths and weaknesses as well as particular demographics.

Using multiple platforms helps marketers compensate for each one’s shortcomings. It’s foolish to make a single social network serve all of your needs. Why settle for doing only LinkedIn marketing when you could supplement it with Facebook B2B marketing easily?

That’s just one reason Facebook B2B marketing is a good idea. If it still isn’t enough to convince you, however, here are a few other reasons you should do Facebook B2B marketing.


1) Facebook Is Very Popular

The platform has 2.27 billion users. That means even the people who make the calls in B2B relationships are also on Facebook. In fact, many of them may even log into Facebook more often than they do to LinkedIn.

That’s because people use the platform for a lot of things. Contrast that to LinkedIn, where people log in almost exclusively for a professional purpose.

Facebook B2B marketing also makes sense because studies show B2B decision-makers using the network for purchasing research. That means the people you’re trying to sell to may already be looking you up on Facebook… even if you first reached out to them on LinkedIn.


2) Facebook Is Constantly Growing

More and more people and businesses are getting on Facebook. In only one year, there was an 11.36% increase in the number of daily users and a 15-million increase in the number of business pages.

If that’s not growing, then I don’t know what is. That sort of growth suggests that Facebook B2B marketing may be able to reach even more people in the future.

The rise in the number of businesses with Facebook pages is especially promising. That means even more potential clients available on the platform for you to make connections!


3) Facebook Advertising Is Cheap

Advertising costs are surprisingly affordable for Facebook B2B marketing. The platform also allows you to set and control your own budget through the Ads manager section.

One of the big budget benefits of advertising on Facebook is the lack of a minimum monthly ad spend. This enables you to craft an advertising plan that fits your resources.

You still do have to come up with an effective advertising strategy to ensure whatever you pay is worth it, though. But if you need help with that, you can ask for internet marketing advice from AdFlix, Bangalore.

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Benefits of Choline

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it enhances cognitive performance.

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Cures asthma.

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Helps you make a logical person.

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Final Thoughts

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