You probably know by now that the US automobile industry is facing various challenges, needing professionals who can handle the needs of a low carbon economy. The future looks bright for the automotive industry where automotive engineering roles are easily, the high-paying positions.

While a two-year automotive technology course provides learners with various instructions for developing skills in troubleshooting, servicing, repairing and performing preventive maintenance, today’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are highly in need of automotive engineers. The demand is for engineering professionals who can continue designing new vehicles or innovations for improving the current machine technology and systems.

OEMs need automotive professionals who will put them at the forefront in the production of next generation hybrid cars, self-driving vehicles and lately, flying cars. While creative minds with comprehensive background in automotives can manage the manufacturing process, professionals who have had the right education, training and experience, have the capability to integrate safety, functionality and aesthetic in designing and creating excellent driving machines.

About Automotive Engineering Courses

Automotive Engineering is actually a subdiscipline to concentrate on when taking up Engineering & Technology as a course program. It’s a field that focuses on interdisciplinary subjects that converge knowledge of tools and methods used in other engineering fields like Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic, Software and Safety Engineering.

Concentrating on the field of Automotive Engineering enables learners to specialise in the development, research, design, testing and quality control of innovative automobiles and their automotive components

What’s the Current Job Outlook for Graduates of Automotive Engineering Degrees

Actually the job outlook for graduates of bachelor’s degrees in engineering with concentration on automotive technology, has been on the rise since 2004. Every year, job vacancies on this profession has seen an average growth of 2.22%. Vacancies for automotive engineering jobs are expected to be strong until the year 2029, with a steady increase in demand in the next years at a rate of 1.31%.

States that have the highest demand for automotive engineers are California, Michigan and Texas. The highest paying automotive engineering careers are in Auburn Hills Michigan. Although the pays and benefits vary from state to state. California has been named by career researchers as the best state in which to land a job as an Automotive Engineer.

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