By definition, automotive depicts all activities in the area of ​​supplier parts, products, or services in the automotive industry including services in the towing industry like towing Santa Clara. In general usage, the term is also used synonymously with the automotive industry.

In automotive management, you support your company in reacting as quickly, flexibly, and economically as possible to new developments in the dynamic market.

Areas in the automotive industry

Specialists from different areas come together in the automotive industry.

Typical professional fields are:

  • Development
  • Construction
  • Production
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Distribution

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Automotive studies

For the automotive sector, you can be trained in two main areas. These are technical and business administration. Appropriate training would be, for example, as a mechatronics technician or logistician as well as an automobile salesman or salesman in wholesale and foreign trade. If you are planning to work with towing Santa Clara services then you can either work as a technician or a business administrator.

If you are closer to studying, you will do well with business studies. As an engineer in the automotive industry, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree, for example in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive engineering, computer science, or industrial engineering.

There are also more specific courses such as automotive management. Here you will take modules on the automotive industry, the supplier industry and procurement management, leasing, risk, and financial management, or even automotive marketing and brand management. You should plan a standard period of study of six to seven semesters for the bachelor’s degree. As a rule, a high school diploma or technical diploma is required.

What do you have to study to work in automotive management?

Courses such as automotive management, automotive & mobility management or a business administration degree with a focus on automotive management can prepare you specifically for a position as an automotive manager. Sometimes automotive management is also offered as a postgraduate master’s degree that builds on a business or technical degree.

What do you need to be able to do in automotive management?

In automotive management, in addition to your understanding of business relationships and technical processes, it is important to have your finger on the pulse. You should be open to innovations and work on forward-looking solutions for your company with your hands-on mentality.

You should also be good at giving instructions, have good communication skills, and have knowledge of human nature. Your quality standards, time management, and organizational talent will help you to lead projects to success.