Digitization is spreading in all areas of life, work and business. For young people, in particular, it is important to acquire digital skills in order to survive in the job market of the future. The digital pact wants to make an important contribution here. It is important to personalize the digital learning content and adapt it to the learning pace of the students. A successful mix of technology like kindle vs ipad reading, content and teacher plays a decisive role here. Digital education can only be successful with a properly equipped learning location.

Kindle vs ipad reading: Importance of digitization in schools and training

School and training are primarily there to impart skills. Nobody can know everything and nobody can master every technique. Digitalization must also be packaged in a child-friendly and fun way. But the ability to find and learn new knowledge or to discover new techniques and try them out successfully is indispensable for every career path.

This is exactly where digitization comes in in schools and training. A sensibly structured digital lesson begins with imparting media skills to the students. They need to know the technologies that are available to them in order to be able to use and apply them in a targeted manner. Sound IT knowledge is a great help here and a basic requirement for integrated learning.

Kindle vs ipad reading: The mix of technology, content and teacher is crucial

Almost all experts agree that digital media have many advantages and can make learning much easier for schoolchildren. But they are just as unanimous on the fact that such media can never completely replace a teacher, emphasizes.

Kindle vs ipad reading

Rather, they are the tools of the trade with which education can be conveyed precisely and individually. But just as a drill alone cannot drill a hole in the wall, digital media can only reproduce and query content and knowledge, but only convey it to a very limited extent. In addition, a complete individualization of learning is not at all desirable. After all, there is always a social component associated with education and it is always about community and team building.

For all these reasons, digitization is not the panacea for the education system. Rather, the mix of technology, content and teacher has to be right. For example, the best technology is of no use if there is no content to be conveyed. Likewise, the best content is of no use if neither the teacher nor the learning software can convey it clearly and make it understandable to the students. Creative and innovative teachers must therefore be given modern media in order to be able to convey relevant and interesting content.