The world is currently battling an enemy that cannot be seen, the Corona virus. It is almost two years when the spread of the virus started affecting lives of everyone. Aside from jobs and careers, the education system was also hit by the pandemic’s impact.

Studying now is different. From face-to-face, the learning becomes online and pure digital because of lockdowns. Fortunately, we are now living in a digital world and people are able to cope and adapt with the situation without that much difficulties. From purchasing uniforms and school supplies, families now are investing more on gadgets that the current education system quite requires.

Computer. Laptop, desktop, or even a television that can be connected with a mother unit are the first ones to be taken into account. Since the learning system is online, schools conduct virtual classes that require students to turn their cameras on and see each other virtually. Aside from virtual classes, activities like quizzes and seatwork are given and conducted online as well.

Speakers. Earphones, headphones, studio speakers, microphone are accessories that most parents are purchasing for their children’s education. It will always depend on the child’s or parents’ preference on how they want to hear and be heard.

Table and chair. There are countries that implement rules with regards to screen time hours. Four hours, for example, being the maximum hours for students in front of the monitor. A comfortable table and chair are necessities. Parents would not want heir children to have a hard time listening to their instructors.

All in all, a study station during this pandemic is not really much of a difference compared to a student’s study are before the pandemic. The only difference is that it is being enhanced and completed for the benefit of the student who chose to continue studying amidst the situation.