There are only a few days remaining for the Summer vacation and the students must brace for another load of schoolworks as the new academic year begins. For the new high school graduates, perhaps there is a little excitement going on because this will be the first time for them to step into a classroom as young adults. Gone are the days where the homeroom teacher will tell them what to do and where not to go. In college, there is a whole new level of independence given to the students. However, there is bigger responsibility that college students should take on, and they will need a bunch of things to help them out in their college journey.

In preparation for the students’ first day in college, we give you the top college essentials that the students must bring with them as the move out of their rooms. Some of these items might already be familiar as these are the same ones already used by the students back in high school. However, there are other things you might think are not college essentials at first, but actually will help the students survive the entire semester.

Important Stuff To Pack In Your Bags As You Head Into College

It is sort of a given that technology has big importance for both the teachers and students, and things like mobile phones and laptops are probably already in your list of must-have’s. However, there are simple things that you might be missing in your list, and not having them with you will cost you trouble as you struggle living in college.

The first college essential in the list is a dictionary book sake with lock, which must be placed on your bookshelf. There are many people going in and out of your room upon applying for college dormitory, so it is important for you to have a good hiding spot and this is the ideal place that no one will ever suspect that is there. If ever someone figures out, there is a lock for extra security.

Next in the list is a bed riser, and many college students will agree that incoming freshment should have this with them before moving into the dorm. Bed risers give you great advantage as they will allow you to store off-season clothing out of view. In this case, you can also add an underbed storage where you can store more off-season clothes, excess blankets and footwears, and this is easier to do since all your stuff will just be under your bed! You can simply pull out the chest of the underbed storage for easy access.

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