Working from home is the best and the newest way to achieve a work-life balance. In this newest work trend, it involves the need to provide for the family and the desire to have more time with the kids.

Shifting from corporate office work to work-at-home job requires the consideration of supporting the system of your current job. In case, you do not have any support system, your skills, learnings, and work experience can be used to make a work-from-home career.  

Maybe, most moms would ask how to start their career in this new type working environment. So, to give you an idea, we provide here the applicable jobs for mommies who want to stay at home while working. You may also visit Momsinmotion and check helpful tips for working moms.

Jobs for Work-at-Home Moms

Check the following jobs below to know what suits you and start working right away at the comfort of your home.


Are you fond of sharing your opinions in the form of writing? If expressing your ideas really interest you, then this writing job would be perfect for your work-from-home career. 

Most writers working at home generally begin their career as online contributors for blogs or website contents. They work remotely as writers in SEO writing, editing, ghostwriting, and magazine writing.

However, to be successful in this job, make sure that you have the following skills. It requires good researching, quality writing, and editing skills. In addition to that, you must have good grammar and proofreading abilities.     


Teachers can also have the opportunity to work-at-home. They can offer a tutoring service or teaching through online or face-to-face settings

Like in a writing career, teaching is now widely available remotely in the form of video conferencing. Meanwhile, doing an in-home tutoring service is still a good option. 


Transcription jobs offer flexibility in the time schedule, but it requires typing proficiency, excellent accuracy, and strong grammatical knowledge.

The usual payment method for a transcription job is per number of words typed or audios transcribed per minute. The good thing about being a transcriptionist is that they are an independent contractor. 

Moreover, it offers opportunities in general, medical, and legal fields. Yet, there may be instances that it may demand for specific certifications.