If you notice a small skin outgrowth somewhere on the body of your child, don’t be alarmed or panic. It may be a skin tag, wherein it is typically painless and harmless however need to be check out.

An alternative to topical creams and pills as well as one of the easiest and most convenient way to remove a skin tag is making use of a skin tag patch such as https://www.shytobuy.uk/skin-tag-patch.html. Since s skin tag patch is topical and for external use, it is safe on all skin types without any side effects. This means it’s safe for your children as well.

Skin Tags – What Are They?

It is important for parents to identify skin tags to give the proper attention it needs a well as to prevent it. The actual cause of as skin tag is indefinite, however numerous factors could determine whether a child will have these skin outgrowths.

Frequently, skin tags are little skin outgrowths that typically stick out. They could affect anyone regardless of age, gender, and skin type. Usually, they only grow about a few millimetres, similar to the size of a grain or even smaller, and are called papillomas. As mentioned, they are harmless.

What Causes Skin Tags in Children?

  • SKIN FRICTION. Where skin frequently rub against each other or creates friction, those skin areas are most likely to develop skin tags. Hence, these skin outgrowths could grow on the neck, armpit, as well as the groin area. Also, if the child is obese or overweight, they would have more skin folds which make them prone to skin chafing and friction which causes skin tags.
  • VIRUSES. At times, viruses, like the HPV virus, that remain dormant in the body of your child could play up and develop skin tags. It could spread all over the body through body contact as well as through surfaces and towels.
  • IN-ULTERO DEVELOPMENT. Children, at times, might have skin tags when they are born close to their ears or anywhere on their bodies. These growths close to the ears are frequently found in the front since the cartilage forming the ears of the baby hasn’t completely thickened yet to take its proper ear form. These aren’t harmful; however, you could consider having it removed for visual reasons.

If your child/baby is under one of these categories, your child/baby may be prone to developing.

  • Children with diabetes
  • Children who are obese or overweight
  • Children with HPV virus
  • Skin tags may also be hereditary