Learning is a significant focus among everybody. Yet, there are too many negative statements that a lot of us are guilty of saying. Some of these are:

Science class is boring

This is too difficult

I’m not good at this subject

I can’t do it

Upon growing up, we even have to go against obstacles or barriers, sometimes even labeling ourselves, which simply contains and restricts our fullest potential.

Learning does not need to go down this path.

Don’t Rush, Learn FAST

As mentioned before, learning and comprehension is crucial to a person’s success. To ensure that nothing hinders your capacity, simply remember FAST learning. So what is FAST? Let’s get down to it bit by bit.


To immerse yourself from learning, you’ve got to forget everything you know on the topic discussed. It’s best to have an open mind. Oftentimes, preconceived ideas of a certain topic are what preventing us from absorbing new knowledge and information.

Preferably, forget anything and have your undivided attention on the subject at hand. The things you learn will depend on the limitations you set to yourself.


How could you take part in class or course taught? Is it about taking notes? Asking questions? Acting the key lessons so you gain better understanding of them? A quick tip is to remain active. This significantly increases the potential of the brain in absorbing information.


Have you ever gauged yourself regarding your emotional state with regards to learning? Is it leaning more on openness or frustration? Most of the time, we miss a lot of takeaways simply because of a boredom mindset instead of being curious of what we’re going to learn. If only you can situate your emotional state with focus on posture and breathing and constantly remind yourself that it’s an integral part of learning, even YOU will be surprised of how much you could learn and retain.


When it’s time to pass the torch, we all of a sudden take it more seriously and with greater focus. So, if you’re struggling with a given concept, ask someone if they can help you out by teaching it to them. Not just both of you will learn but also, you’ve imparted something new to their lives.

Make Studying Your Playground

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