Everybody loves to shop. Shopping could be one of the best thing to do if one is stressed, depressed, and of course if one needs to buy stuff for reasons whether personal or not.

Shops are everywhere. If one has time before buying anything, he/she can go window shopping first and explore the choices and options from different malls with different shops. Shoppers may also consider waiting for items to be on sale before purchasing it. Malls have schedule for a three-day sale and clearance sale that could possibly last longer than three days.

When one will go shopping, it will be the best if he or she already knows what to buy or the items that will be bought. This will save time and will lead the shopper directly to the right store or boutique.  Malls offer everything from clothing apparels, home appliances, school supplies, books, leisure activities, and restaurants. Name it and most of the malls have it.

Online shops are also on the top of the list. Especially now that the whole world is experiencing pandemic, people prefer to shop online than to hop on different malls without the security of not being infected or getting the virus and worst bringing it home. Online shopping is a trend, and stores (branded or not) have their pages or websites and even partnered with smart phone applications like Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Zaful, Shein, etc.. It is actually easier and more comfortable to shop online since shoppers will be able to have the same items they can also purchase from the mall while at home, chat with the seller for some questions, save time and effort from going out just to purchase something,  save oneself and of course the families as well from the danger of the virus during pandemic and of course, same with the malls, online shops always offer sales like online mattress sales and even provide vouchers and discount codes for several items.