Animals offer loving company, cuddles and all kinds of attention specifically for single people. On the one hand, you feel supported by social counterpart. This effect on humans can already be observed in guinea pigs. Objectively speaking, the animal doesn’t ‘do’ much at all and maybe just plays with its conspecifics in the cage. But the owner feels important when he can take care of an animal. Also physical contact and caressing are something very important.

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Benefits of four-legged friends in your own home when studying

Structure in everyday life made easy

A pet, depending on which type you choose, shows differentiated demands on its masters and mistresses, which take different degrees of time intensity. What they all have in common, however, is that they provide a rhythm that can help to align one’s own accordingly. While more care-intensive animals such as horses or dogs have to be actively integrated into everyday life, cats or small animals, for example, can also be left to themselves from time to time. However, they all require fixed feeding times, vet visits and cuddles. Doing this can help students organize their everyday life at school.

A boost in accountability

Do you want children later? Then the topic of responsibility will probably be one of the first aspects that come to mind on this topic. Just like any living thing, a pet needs some care. After all you have to make sure that it lives in a clean cage, is fed and washed, stays healthy and has enough exercise. The same applies here: Your animal, your responsibility!

The best pet for students

After you are able to tick off the list of aspects that you need to consider before purchasing the animal, the question now arises as to which animal it should be. In general, the answer to this question is of course dependent on the person and has to be answered individually.

However, you should of course be aware of the elementary needs of your preferred animal species before purchasing it.

As different as the starting situations may be, there is a simple, universal answer to the question of which pet is best for students. The one that makes you happy and is not restricted in its own needs. Whether dog, cat, mouse or canary, animals in general show positive effects on mental and physical health. Students in particular benefit from a positive learning effect due to more serenity when preparing for exams. Pets are a friend for life and this helps students structure their everyday life and sense of responsibility.