Purchasing a condo could be an excellent way to be a homeowner without being troubled with some certain upkeep that go together with townhouses and single-family homes. When it comes to maintaining the building, the condo association takes care of it. condo residents can also benefit from the common amenities provided by the condo. Furthermore, instead of living in the condo unit, you can rent out your condo if rentals are permitted by the association. Hence, buying a condo could be an investment that would generate you a good income.

Piccadilly Grand New Launch Condo – Offering Its Future Residents Convenience and Easy Access

Increasingly more people who reside in the city have discovered the numerous benefits of living in a condo. For instance, the Piccadilly grand new launch condo in Singapore offers its would-be residents comfort, accessibility and convenience.

Soon to rise on Northumberland Road in the Farrer Park area, Piccadilly Grand is a joint development venture by City Developments Limited and MCL Land where a 99-year leasehold, 405 units, 23 storeys condominium will be developed. Its location its perfect for individuals who want convenience as they have easy access to shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and other amenities and facilities. It is also in proximity to medical facilities and schools, making the condo suitable for families as well.

The future lush condominium is nearby various public and private transportation, making it accessible and a breeze for the future residents of Piccadilly Grand to get around the area as well as other locations of Singapore. With the convenience and accessibility offered by the condo, its future residents would surely enjoy condo living in Piccadilly Grand.

Is a Condo a Good Investment Option?

Being able to earn a passive income may be one of the definitive goals of people working full-time or part-time, and making an investment in rental properties could be an excellent way to generate a passive income. Condo investments could provide you a steady income flow, particularly when you rent it out. Generally, the value of condos appreciates at a slower rate compared to single-family homes. However, its value is likely to increase over time. Among the factors that could affect appreciation value include location, walkability, how well maintained the property is, community amenities, high population growth, and the demand for low-maintenance living situations.

With increasingly more people opting to live in a condo, you will certainly be able to find more opportunities for your condo unit/s to earn a passive income.

Rent Out Your Condo Unit to Students

Majority of condos that are for sale are situated within the central business district of the city and this is the same for top universities and schools. This could be an opportunity for condo owners looking to earn an income with their unit to rent it out to students since most of them tend to live their homes so as to find a good university for them to pursue their studies. Additionally, a lot of universities accept foreign students, which means these students will be looking for a comfortable, convenient and accessible place to live.

Rent Out Your Condo Unit to Professionals

A lot of professionals in the urban area prefer to live in a condo as it is closer to their workplace as well as to places where they can get their essential needs and to unwind. Furthermore, they tend to look for a condo with certain amenities like a gym, a pool, an atrium, recreational areas, and commercial establishments. With these amenities, they don’t have to go far from their place.

Rent Out your Condo as a Vacation Home or Transient House

Condo unit rates and hotel room rates are almost similar nowadays. So, many travelers prefer to rent a condo unit during their vacation stay. This is because most transients want a place where it would feel like home, where they can cook, do laundry as well as other things they would do at home.