Attention is demanded by every well-designed living room, the coffee table’s centerpiece. Consider the perfect coffee table design to enhance your existing decor and see in amazement as a living room is immediately transformed.

Round coffee tables are not a radical new inside improvement, however, a closer inspection to functionalities, aesthetics and characteristics guarantees that the little round coffee table that the attention it craves and deserves.


It should go without saying; materiality is critical in any choice that is furnishing. A glass coffee table, as a piece of modern furniture, offers a sleek addition to a living room, while a gold or silver leaf finish promises sophistication that is contemporary and soft glamour. For a bold and strong centerpiece, a wood coffee table with a heavy profile will not disappoint. Each texture, complete, and color provides their dynamics and wields different results. Take note of my Manhattan Glass Top Round Coffee Table because of the clean lines, luxe metal frame and modest glass coating.


Round coffee tables with storage comprising a planar surface with minimalist allure; there’s an outstanding vision whatsoever. My Vittoria Round Coffee Table is a stylist’s pleasure — a resplendent dark timber surface ideal for home décor vignettes, also next grade shelving for groups of publication titles. A coffee table with storage, of course, does have the extra bonus of concealing clutter — after all, out of sight, out of the mind.


The most critical requirement for supplying the conclusion: the piece that is desirable should fit the area or vise-versa – however, do not let space behave like a complete restrictor. Round coffee tables, even having no edges, promote flow in a room, whether that be cavernous or modest. Tackling small space need not be tough. My suggestion? Opt for versatile, multifunctional pieces, including a coffee table with storage, or possibly a coffee table which doubles as an ottoman. See my whole tutorial on how to DIY your own table, below

Step 1: Place Ottoman

Step 2: Add décor tray

Step 3: Design

Nevertheless, it must really come as no surprise that I have a resolution to this also, although living rooms have a propensity to dwarf size coffee tables that are typical: coffee tables, around. Demonstrating my point to perfection, try a pair of Oly San Francisco Adeline Coffee Tables to encourage a cohesive inside strategy, albeit the extra square meterage.

Multi-tiered java tables and clustered structures have not escaped cite. To get a refreshingly contemporary aesthetic with on-trend undertones, a set of coordinating coffee tables and side tables will have even the most discerning guest asking for your interior designer’s contact particulars.


The inherent soft lines of round coffee tables offer you a perfect counteraction to the sharp lines and profiles of all contemporary sofa layouts, giving a Guarantee and welcome juxtaposition into an overdose of angular capabilities. Similarly, characteristics smoothly curved, to give the perfect fix to get a slim living room space.