According to study, the majority of parents of 2- to 6-year-olds believe, it is important that their child be exposed to the most recent technology advances at a young age. They try to do whatever they can to train their children for a world that is rapidly changing.

Parents are increasingly using technology as a tool to teach children how to use technology in a playful way. Almost half of the parents surveyed, and indicated that their children use television to acquire educational knowledge.

Understanding the Research How Technology affect Children’s

Television channel Nick Jr. (part of Nickelodeon) has commissioned an international study, the so-called Little Big Kids: Preschoolers are ready to learn about life. It is striking that 79% of parents are concerned about the future of their child. They want to prepare their children as best they can for a world that is constantly changing, including the fact that two-thirds of today’s children are going to work in jobs that currently do not exist. Thanks to the tactical use of technology, toddlers of today have a great problem-solving abilities and are interactive at a young age. 71 % of parents of children aged 2 to 6 in other countries believe it is necessary for their children to learn by doing things for themselves.

Educational programs

A  fashion model and ambassador Mother of Nick Jr., Kim Kötter, is expecting her second child and tells about her experience with educational programs: ‘To be honest, the channel is sometimes the ideal babysitter! Like most of the parents in the study, I also set a time limit for my child’s daily use of different media and make sure that my son plays outside for at least as much time. Contrary to what is expected, this is actually very well balanced in the Netherlands compared to other countries. Children play out here just as much as they are busy with the media. At the same time, I see that the use of devices also makes small children smarter, provided the content they view is responsible. ‘


Victor Coolman, of Nickelodeon, finds that it is very important to investigate, what are the concerns of parents in order to continue to meet their child needs. In general, parents agree that learning to use new technology makes children smarter. In 2017, parents consider it a ‘must’ to bring children into contact with modern devices from an early age. For us, it doesn’t stop with television and it is important that we continue to develop and provide entertaining educational, and interactive content on the other devices. Because children are motivated by the stories and characters to learn through play and to play smarter, wherever they are. ‘

The use of gadgets by young people today can indeed impart knowledge to children, but there are numerous negative consequences when they are overused. As a result, our children’s use of emerging technology should be monitored and guided. As parents, we must all be reminded to use technologies responsibly. In this situation, we should consult with professionals such as ‘NYC it support’ on how they can support us in our home, business, or with something related to technology.