Skincare is an important part of our day to day living especially among teens. It is that stage in life when facial skin goes through a number of changes and skin issues. The adolescent stage requires more thorough skincare to prevent acne and blemish build up. This is the main reason that various products were developed to address this issue. In fact, visiting a skin specialist like a dermatologist can help further address skin issues that teens go through in these delicate years.

For those who have children in their teens, the skincare behavior you show them will help them maintain healthier skin. According to Dr. Laurie Polis, director of dermatology services of Laser Dermatology based in New York City, “Your children in their teen years are the perfect time to introduce a healthy skin routine. It is crucial to understand that our skin goes through changes through time. Therefore, skin care routines must be modified as necessary”.

First and foremost, you must instill to your kids the importance of twice-daily cleansing ritual. It is much like brushing your teeth two times a day. The facial wash recommended for teens should be based on their skin type. If your child’s skin is oily, then the facial wash should be for sensitive acne-prone skin. A mild toner and aloe vera moisturizer is the most suitable for sensitive skin.

In situations that your child will have to skip the nightly skincare routine, let them have wet wipes to easily remove make-up or other impurities accumulated throughout the day.

You may also add more products to their skincare. After cleansing and toning, your teen should use a mild serum. Tell your kids that components in these products serve different functions,” Polis says. Retinols, for instance, helps prevent pimples, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

Another important part of a skincare routine is the use of sunscreen. This is the last and the required step. It is important to tell your teens that anti-aging products go along very well with sunscreen because both have protective functions to protect the skin from UV rays.

These are just some of the important things you can impart to your child. Always tell her that price and branding are not important. The most important thing is to achieve their skincare goals and choose what suits their skin best.