The Next Tool For Teaching

A New Addiction For Teachers And Students

Many of us love taking photos, sharing graphics, and even downloading a few images to our phones and computers. With so much great photos easily uploaded on Instagram from mobile phones, many of us are also trying to find out how to download Instagram photos on Android phone. Do you know that even teachers are looking for ways to do so?

Let’s get off topic a little big. Most teachers love Facebook and Instagram. Aside from using it daily for their own personal use, they also use it as a tool to better their communication with students. In this post, we have curved up a few reliable, educational ways on how to use Instagram inside the classroom.

Of course, it is essential to care about students’ personal privacy, specifically when using an open public platform such as Instagram. If you are interested in attempting any kind of the suggestions listed here, we highly suggest establishing school room accounts which must be set to “private” and cautiously vet on probable followers.

Here are 5 awesome ways you can use Instagram in the classroom.

1. Showcase Student Work

Take photos of students’ artwork and some additional unique tasks to discuss on a personal Instagram account is simply attainable to family members and people in your main school community.

2. Feature a Student of the Week

Invite your students to various activities (most recent) in your class. Feature a “student of the week” for him or her to speak about his or her daily schedule. This will give a creative idea for the entire class.

3. Capture Field Trip Memories

Assign a pupil volunteer to become the “archivist” of your class. Take photos on your school field trips and any other classroom and school events. Ask the volunteer to upload it on Instagram for the whole class to see and enjoy.

4. Use Instagram to Feature Great People in History

You can assign a small project for your class to do. Have them research about great people in history (eg. Abraham Lincoln). Let them create a poster or a bulletin board that they can take a photo of and feature in your class Instagram account.

5. Share Reading Recommendations

Invite pupils to take photos with their favorite books. Let them add a caption from the book as part of their post on Instagram. You and your pupils can easily search the images to obtain more inspiration on what subject to post and develop a hashtag for it.