Playing with other kids, making up tales with them, seeing patterns in trees, and discovering out that if there are four people that come for dinner, you require four plates, four forks, and four napkins are all things that youngsters discover via ordinary life.

Here are six techniques to assist your children in becoming more intelligent and increasing their IQ. You can get free IQ tests with instant results here.

1. Time to sleep

It is critical that kids have enough sleep. Follow your pediatrician’s advice and get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Your children will not only be more awake and ready to study, but they will also have a far positive mentality. Set and stick to a bedtime for your kid.

2. Put your intellect to work.

Your child’s brain works like a sponge, soaking in everything it encounters. Age-appropriate activities help him build skills and excite his mind. Games that develop intelligence include board games, building blocks, riddles, checkers, and chess. Encourage them to be curious.

3. Engage in physical exercise

Kids requires physical exercise to engage their senses, whether it is structured sports or just playing in the yard. Fit youngsters do better in school, according to a University of Illinois research. They also have a better sense of self-worth and self-assurance. Get out there and have some fun with your children.

4. Listen to music

According to research from the University of Toronto, children who learned music as a youngster grew up to have higher IQs. Music nourishes the spirit and enlivens the imagination. Music has the power to expose your child’s mind to a world of new possibilities.

5. Computer and video games

Many games are now available on the market that are meant to help your youngster improve his or her learning abilities. They encourage strategic thinking, innovation, and collaboration. Several video games have drawbacks, but others might be excellent for improving motor function and cognition.

6. Dietary requirements

Your youngster must be fed on a regular basis and with nutritional foods. Children who are constantly exposed to junk food are more prone to disease. They will also be deficient in minerals such as iron, which are necessary for the formation of healthy brain cells.