When staying in a college dorm, one of the foremost reasons why young people miss their home is the smell of their dorm room. A dorm room may smell bland, as if lacking in life or vigor. Yet a smell lacking in characteristic is better than a dorm room that smells musty. If such is the case, it means there is dampness somewhere, and that the room needs a hefty dose of natural air and sunlight.

The worst kind of smell is the malodorous type, which is common in rooms occupied by students not too keen on airing and washing their beddings, or in regularly taking out trash, whilst letting leftover food rot in the trash bin; or by those that keep soiled or sweaty garments piled for days or weeks. Students living in such conditions think it is cool not to have somebody nagging them to clean their room. That is why even if a roommate keeps things neat, clean and orderly, a room still retains an unpleasant smell.

Quality of Odour in an Environment Can Affect a Person’s Mood

Not many are aware that smell or scents have a direct effect on a person’s mood, which in turn brings out a corresponding emotion. Countless research studies have proven that the human olfactory system is connected to brain neurons. The neurons process the smell and then trigger memories related to the odour. If a person smells something flavourful and aromatic, this can trigger memories of home cooked meals or of a special dinner date.

If so, a change in mood is likely to transpire, producing emotions based on the memory triggered by the smell. It can bring feelings of homesickness, or excitement over plans of going home for the weekend; or over the prospect of going out on another dinner date with the same person. Some smell though may trigger fleeting memories not strong enough to totally alter one’s mood.

Yet if a smell is pervasive, like those that stay inside an unkempt dorm room, one must take action before cranky moods and negative emotions get the better of the dwellers staying inside the room.

Get Rid of Bad Odours or Get Out of the Room for Good

In a dirty environment, bad odour is only the beginning of other unpleasant things to come. Insects such as bed bugs and roaches, as well as rodents, will eventually be attracted to the bad smell. Molds and mildew in damp areas will spread and bring allergens that cause sneezing, air passage congestion or scaly skin. In other words, if things get really worse, and the neat roommate can no longer stand the stink, it would be better to look for another dorm.

Yet if the pervasiveness of the unpleasant smell is not as serious, one of the most recommended substances to use as deodorizer is baking soda. Fill some shallow bowls with baking soda and place them in areas where the odours are strongest. It will take awhile before the odour is absorbed but letting the soda-filled bowls stay uncovered in a room for days will eventually work in removing the unpleasant smell.

Once the bad odour is gone, fill the room with fresh scents, by using organically scented cleaning materials, detergents, candles, or even scent diffusers, like those offered online by grain & gram.