Posting photos and videos online — it’s a source of amusement for kids nowadays. With the tendency of selfies in its pinnacle platforms have been the need of the hour. Instagram and Snapchat possess their particular market niche and following. The vast majority of the consumers of those platforms are kids that are obsessed and completely mobile-driven with their own telephones. This Guide will guide you through Snapchat and Instagram’s features and help you decide which platform is much better and safer:


Parents are worried because children spend a good deal of time on Snapchat sharing. There are a fixed variety of graphics and videos you may send or receive at a moment. Each post lasts a couple of seconds and the post is erased if it expires. It claims to be more secure, however, social networks’ privacy policies are often stopped without the users.

A threat of utilizing Snapchat is teenagers do understand that by agreeing with their own privacy policy, they’ve enabled their information to be used by Snapchat. It is important to bear in mind that whatever graphics your child shares they know of the fact it is available. Snaps are videos or the pictures that a user shares with a individual, though everyone discuss it and can save the photograph.

Stories are vids that an individual shares with many individuals and could be seen unlimited number of occasions prior to the session expires, i.e. 24 hours.


Folks discuss their life with this program. Particularly whatever they munch, they add with hashtags too. Hashtags would be the in thing. While others get annoyed by this tendency, they are obsessed with them. Based on the coverage of Instagram, the consumer’s pictures could be private or public. The setting is contingent on the consumer’s preference. People can save your Instagram photos and download them for themselves if pictures are public, which may or may not be okay.

Instagram assembles a library of pictures for its own users, whereas the inherent characteristic of Snapchat is the information is not permanent, and that its own users, nevertheless, readily violated. The study unravels a much better choice for the average user, and the simple fact that Instagram is safer than Snapchat.