Sport is not just an exercise. Sport connects you with like-minded people, regardless of gender, social background, and religion. It conveys values ​​like self-confidence, tolerance, and fairness. At the same time, precisely these characteristics mean that sport provides easy access to more education worldwide.

When you think of sports and education, the first thing that comes to mind is probably good or bad memories of school physical education. Physical education has become an integral part of school, but does it do justice to its importance for children and young people?

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Sport makes you smart: The sporty access to education

Sport and education are among the key issues in the society and have more in common than meets the eye. It offers valuable access to education on several levels. Through physical education, children learn important skills and abilities, such as team spirit, trust and responsibility. These are also of central importance outside of physical education.

Motivating success through regular training can help children and young people go through life with more self-confidence and thus have more confidence in educational matters. At the same time, sports offers allow a healthy balance to everyday, school and job stress. The head clears and the mood improves that provide optimal learning conditions.

By the way, sport is not just for children and young people. Adults also have the opportunity to develop their personality and skills through sports activities. Sport makes you smart for a lifetime.

Education makes you strong – equality and self-confidence through sport

Especially in conservative regions of the world, girls and women in particular have a hard time acquiring a position in traditional “male domains”. This often includes certain sports. The education and training of trainers on site creates emancipation and self-confidence as well as an important foundation for the academic and professional future. Simultaneously, you can address social issues in a playful way in the small sports groups, as well as targeted courses, such as computer or language courses. Sport can also be a door opener for more education on this very concrete path.